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Pre-5 Unit

Arrochar Primary Early Learning & Childcare Unit provides pre-school education for up to 17 children from Arrochar and the surrounding area.  Staff work in partnership with parents in developing children’s learning experiences.  This involves learning about, valuing and building on children’s prior learning experiences so that they become confident, eager and enthusiastic learners who are looking forward to starting school.  Under developments of a Curriculum for Excellence, we strive to help children develop as Successful Learners (learning to learn), Responsible Citizens (learning to live with others), Confident Individuals (learning to be) and Effective Contributors (learning to do).   

To do this, we will seek to:

  •    Provide a safe and stimulating environment, in which children feel happy and secure
  •    Encourage the emotional, social, physical, creative and intellectual development of children
  •    Promote the welfare of children
  •    Encourage positive attitudes to self and others and develop confidence and self esteem
  •    Create opportunities for play
  •    Encourage children to explore, appreciate and respect their environment

In achieving these aims, we will seek ways in which to:

  •    Take account of the individual needs of children
  •    Provide equal opportunities and social justice
  •    Promote positive attitudes to multicultural, non-sexist society
  •    Form partnership with parents/ carers
  •    Recognise the importance of community
  •    Recognise learning as a life-long process

We respect and welcome children and parents/ carers of all religions, faiths and beliefs.

Arrochar Early Learning & Childcare Unit is a non-denominational, co-educational and multicultural establishment.