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Celebrating Achievement

Children work hardest when they know their work will be appreciated and praised.  All staff encourage pupils at all times and in all activities to give their best.  Their effort may be rewarded verbally by praise, or non-verbally by a smiley face or sticker.

Certificate Scheme

In response to initiatives encouraging a positive approach to behaviour management and motivation of pupils, and with reference to Promoting Positive Behaviour, a series of initiatives have been introduced at Arrochar Primary School, culminating in the Certificate Scheme.

Individual Achievement

Pupils start afresh each session, with the challenge of climbing up the ‘achievement ladder’ through the different levels, to try to reach as high a level of attainment as they can over the period of one year.

Up to ten stars are awarded to each child each week for good behaviour and effort.  Once 50 stars have been accumulated, the child receives the first award, a Bronze Class Certificate.  A further 50 stars later, a Bronze Head Teacher’s Certificate is awarded.  The child then moves up to the Silver Level, with a Class Certificate and a Head Teacher’s Certificate to gain, before the final Gold Level Class and Head Teacher’s Certificate’s are achieved.  Each of these awards is presented before the whole school at Assembly.

At the end of term assembly in June, one pupil from each class will be awarded a Distinction certificate; this is awarded for outstanding effort, behaviour and attitude throughout the year.

House Points

In addition to adding to their own personal achievement score, each child belongs to a House – Arrochar, Lomond or Tarbet – to which their individual scores are added weekly at Assembly.  The House achieving the highest score at the end of each term is awarded the Allan Cup for Good Attitudes.  The winning House for the school session will also get a special whole house trip.

Pupils are also involved in ‘Golden Time’.  Each pupil has 45 minutes of special games time on Friday afternoon.  Time is taken off for infringements of school rules.

Our Tree of Success

In the school’s main hall, a large tree has been designed by the pupils of the school.Each week, the class teacher will select one pupil from their class who has demonstrated excellent work, commitment, attitude or achievement.  This pupil will be presented at Assembly with an apple for our Tree of Success.  The pupil’s photograph, reason for achieving the apple and the apple will be on display on our Tree for everyone to see.  If a pupil receives three apples, they will be presented with a golden apple.  At the end of term, all golden apple winners will go on a special outing.  This Tree of Success is a very visual and stimulating way of encouraging and celebrating success.